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by Extremehealthconsultantllc on 11/13/17

Our philosophy at Extremehealthconsultantllc is that each and every person that comes through this program will autograph their work with excellence and leave no doubt in the competitors eye who and what we are about. 

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1. Jennine said on 12/1/17 - 06:11PM
I love the spinning class!! The instruction Jay kept the whole workout worth it with his choice of music and his motivation when I felt like quitting Its definitely worth the hard work and sweat. You will feel like you accomplished something after taking his class! Cant wait for the next one!!
2. Extremehealthconsultantllc said on 1/1/18 - 04:00PM
Today was the first day opened and I really enjoyed all the riders that came to the class. Greatly appreciate your support and your efforts for New Years Day. Extremehealthconsultantllc
3. Amy Simoni said on 1/2/18 - 08:35PM
This was an awesome workout. Not only did we get a whole body workout but Jay gauged how much of a challenge it was for our group and adjusted accordingly which is not something you find often in instructors. We went from beginner class to intermediate within one class because Jay really pays attention to his class! He keeps it fun and engaging! We can't wait for the next class!

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